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Developer Training

Learn about Golioth and Zephyr, with hands-on exercises

Learn About Golioth

This guide is for Developers to understand the various features of Golioth and how we can assist IoT deployments. Along the way, Developers will learn skills for making resiliant IoT systems on both the embedded and Cloud side.

Get Started Quickly

This dual track training includes pre-configured hardware examples to start investigating Golioth's features. After using CircuitPython's high level interfaces to interact with our various Golioth APIs, we will explore the device side examples using the Zephyr RTOS.


Go in depth on Zephyr

Our users find that Zephyr RTOS provides maximum hardware control and flexibility for their client or company projects. After getting started quickly, users will learn how to properly set up a Zephyr project and be ready to deploy a professional project.