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Golioth Exercises

Learning Objectives


The goal of this section of training is to learn more about the Golioth platform and to allow trainees to interact with the Golioth Console using preconfigured code.

Desired outcome(s)

  • Learn how to assign device credentials
  • Use State data to interact with devices
  • View and filter remote logging messages
  • View and query Stream data received from devices

Time Estimate

This section should take approximately 10-20 minutes.

Workflow overview

During this training we are using a web-based Docker container called Kasm that has all of the necessary Zephyr tools and Golioth repositories installed. You must have a login for Kasm, and a copy of installed on your local machine.

Throughout these exercies, we will follow the same workflow to edit, build, and flash firmware.

  • In Kasm container:

    1. Make changes to sourcecode
    2. Build app using west, the Zephyr meta-tool
    3. Download binary file from Kasm to your local machine
  • On your local machine:

    1. Flash downloaded binary to the MagTag